unknown threats missed
by the industry last week
by the industry last week
unknown threats missed

Email security products can't detect 35% of unknown threats at first encounter.

Driving successful Phishing, Ransomware & Data Breach attacks.

BitDam stops unknown threats at first sight.

Protects enterprise email, cloud drives and instant messaging from malicious files and links.

Your email security fails you.
Test it yourself.

Use our Breach & Attack Simulation to check your email security posture.

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes BitDam for Device
Security Management Leadership

Make Enterprise Collaboration Safe

BitDam protects from malicious files and links of any type delivered via various platforms.


Highest detection rates guaranteed. Identifying the unknown.

Block hardware and logical exploits, N-day and zero-day attacks independently of historical threats knowledge.


Forever protected applications.
Detect malware at first-sight.

New threats detected automatically and immediately.
No updates, patches, or configuration needed.

BitDam by the Numbers


Emails scanned


Malware blocked


Loss prevention

Secure Every Click, File and Link

With BitDam, you don’t need to worry about where the next attack would come from. Files and links are scanned before they reach the end-user.

Protect All Enterprise Applications

Protect all common enterprise applications including MS Office Suite, Adobe PDF, Internet Browsers and more, against known and unknown advanced attacks.

Secure All Communication Channels

Secure all your communication channels against exploits and alien code embedded in URL’s and files. In one place.

Simple Onboarding

Fast and seamless deployment. No changes required to existing security infrastructure, policies, or processes. Set-up in under 4 minutes.

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