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The ultimate, network based solution for protecting against targeted attacks that are hidden in malicious files and web content.

Major cyber threats are rapidly growing

The front pages of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times regularly feature reports of breaches against US-headquartered companies. The triple threat of hacking, malware and social has been on top and trending upward for the last few years, and it does not appear to be going away any time soon. Cyber attackers revealed new levels of ambition in recent years, including multi-million-dollar virtual bank heists, overt attempts to disrupt the US electoral process by state-sponsored groups, and some of the biggest data breaches on records.

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Threat actors use email attachments and web links as their preferred delivery mechanism into organizations

Across industries, email is the road most traveled to deliver malware into organizations. Malware infection channels are topped by email attachments, web drive-by and email with malicious URLs. Among malicious attachments to spam, ransomware accounted for 85%. Other attack techniques, such as spear phishing also relies on emails containing infected attachments and web content. The email vector, therefore, carries significant risk of transferring such malicious components into your organization.

Attachments and web links exploit business application’s vulnerabilities to gain foothold and launch attacks

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Standard business applications such as Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as Adobe Acrobat and browser applications such as Chrome, Firefox, and others provide attackers with ideal attack surface. They receive legitimate input from outside of the organization (e.g. pdf file of a candidate CV) and are used by all verticals, organizations and positions. Therefore, they are used by attack actors to launch targeted, known and unknown (zero-day) attacks on different organizations by exploiting their applications vulnerabilities.

Eliminate these threats

BitDam’s unique attack-agnostic technology which uses knowledge of the legitimate executions of such business applications to detect all malicious files and web content carrying a threat and stop them.


BitDam’s attack-agnostic technology provides the following benefits


High Detection Rate

Due to our dynamic, CPU-level technology, BitDam’s product provides unprecedent detection rates. With BitDam, no alien code is allowed, including such code that is used for evasive maneuvers.


Accurate Identification Process

As BitDam’s technology is truly attack agnostic, our identification process assumes nothing on the attack techniques thus, no assumption stands to the test. Resulting extremely low false positive rate of benign alerts and incidents.


Seamless User Experience

BitDam’s technology makes no alteration to the original files, attachments or weblinks thus preserving seamless experience for users interacting with the original sources. BitDam’s detection process is done in near real-time, introducing negligible, if any, email delays.


Network Based Deployment

BitDam’s Advanced Threat Protection for Email is a network based solution, deployed in the organization perimeter, either on premise or as a Cloud based solution. Such deployment is easy to deploy and maintain and requires no endpoint agent integration, nor continuous updates.

Advanced Threat Protection for Email

Stop advanced threats hidden in email attachments and links

Network based protection stops attacks at the source

Dynamic CPU level detection of any non-legit application code

SIEM system integration, easy to use, deploy and maintain

Accurate identification process - extremely low false positives

On-prem, SAAS or hybrid deployments

Advanced Threat Protection for Email

BitDam's solution for the most sophisticated attacks

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