GandCrab – The new Ransomeware in the block

A few days ago, I was examining files that we’ve detected in one of our customers. I encountered an interesting PDF (SHA1 – d75e3d2c235bf1e52cca16f597fe05fcfce89ad6) which is the dropper and installer of the new version of GandCrab Ransomware. A lot was said about Ransomwares, dozens of solutions claim to protect against it and yet we encounter […]

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What’s the story behind Spectre?

In January, a severe hardware flaw was discovered in Intel’s microprocessors (named “Meltdown”). An additional vulnerability, which is much more severe, and challenges the design of modern CPUs has also been discovered – named “Spectre”. These are vulnerabilities in computer hardware, not software and they affect virtually all high-end microprocessors produced over the last 20 […]

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