BitDam stops advanced content-borne threats across ALL channels, ALL Apps, in One Place.

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Introducing BitDam

We solve malware, making enterprise communications safe to click.
BitDam cyber security solutions protect enterprise communications from advanced content-borne threats.
At BitDam, our mission is preventing cyber attacks on hardware and logical exploits, N-Day and Zero-Day attacks from within the communication stream.

Our cloud enabled security solution proactively stops exploits contained in any type of attachment or URL. BitDam ensures the highest attack detection rates in the industry and delivers the fastest protection for the full range of content-borne attacks, before they are delivered.


BitDam Leadership

We are a team of elite IDF cyber experts, seasoned in offensive and
other-side-of-the-fence research and development.

Liron Barak, Co-Founder, CEO                   
Maor Hizkiev, Co-Founder, CTO                   
David Ben Shabat, VP R&D              
Rakesh Narasimhan, Head of Operations, North America


Empowering organizations to collaborate safely.

Enterprise communications such as email, shared URL’s, file attachments, cloud drives among others, are transforming the way we collaborate at work, driving business growth and productivity.

But these same services also serve as the most accessible entry point for 95% of advanced content-borne cyber attacks, presenting a risk to enterprise assets.

Opening a single email or a shared communication with a malicious URL or attachment – can threaten your business. Now multiply this by the volume of communications across your organization.

BitDam is focused on delivering advanced threat protection, empowering organizations to collaborate safely.


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Join our team.

Our mission doesn’t end with protecting our clients from advance malware threats.

We aim to make a positive impact on enterprise security. If you’re enthusiastic about security and technology and want to be part of an innovative and fast growing team - we’d love to meet you.



154 Menachem Begin St. Tel Aviv, Israel

80-49 Kent st.
Jamaica estates, New York, NY 11432


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