Advanced Threat Protection for Email


"Across industries, email is the road most traveled to deliver malware into organizations"

– DBIR 2017, Verizon


DBIR 2017, Verizon

On Premise Solution


BitDam’s Advanced Threat Protection for Email provides complete protection from advanced threats aiming at entering your organization through malicious email attachments and weblinks. By utilizing BitDam’s technology alongside your email server, hidden advanced threats are detected in real time and stopped at the source, before penetrating the organization.

BitDam’s solution helps you detect and prevent today’s advanced attacks as well as tomorrow’s attacks. It detects attacks that are unrecognized by most cyber security solutions which are threatening your brand, your reputation, your assets and your bottom line.


SaaS Solution

BitDam Advanced Threat Protection for Email can be deployed as a SaaS cloud solution.


Advanced Threat Protection for Shared File Systems

The Advanced Threat Protection for Email can be used to scan files in shares and folders to detect any malicious files. Most organizations store and share lots of files on shared drives residing on premise or in a cloud environment. The more files stored, the greater the chance that malicious infection already occurred and advanced threats penetrated your organization, waiting for the right time to become activate and compromise your organization’s assets, reputation and productivity.

BitDam’s Deep Immunization (DI) Engine

The technology behind BitDam

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