Finance: High Performance Advanced Attack Prevention for Securing Financial Communications

August 22, 2018

Financial institutions rely on email and digital communication tools to collaborate and communicate with clients and trading partners, including automated trade communications and mailers.  

Content security solutions for the financial industry require high throughputs, as communication delays can cause direct financial loss. The BitDam cloud content security solution has a low FP (1:100K) and very fast  scanning time (15s), enabling a non-intrusive high performance cyber security solution. BitDam proactive content security delivers the highest detection rate of advanced content-borne attacks delivering unparalleled protection against any exploit, any payback and any known unknown vulnerability.  

Deployed behind advanced sandbox solutions and leading Security Email Gateways (SEG), any attack detected by BitDam has effectively bypassed other security solutions. Tested by a leading financial institution, BitDam detected 35 malicious files during the first two weeks of operation, including logical exploits, macro attacks and remote code execution attacks.

One malicious file, uploaded to BitDam Total service had gone undetected by existing security tools and the SOC team. When examined by BitDam it was found to contain the Zyklon botnet hidden using an evasion technique capable of detecting if the file is running on a virtual machine. This botnet, is associated with DDOS attacks, data theft and according to has also been employed to deliver Cerber Ransomware. BitDam’s deep application learning and alien code flow detection makes possible to uncover and block advanced threats, before they are run and cause damage within financial organizations.

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