Office365 Integration

August 23, 2018

Office365 is one of the most popular enterprise cloud-based email services.
BitDam has created a dedicated solution for Office365. Our simple, seamless deployment process requires no changes to the MX record. The BitDam Cloud permissions are easily managed through the Microsoft Application Source, protecting your organisation in just a few clicks.

BitDam is not inline, ensuring no degradation in email service levels, while preventing malicious attachments and URL’s from reaching end users.
When installing BitDam APTm for O365, BitDam connects to your Active Directory and fetches the email users of the organization.
For every user, BitDam receives a notification for on each email entering the organisation. Using the Azure infrastructure, BitDam scales scanning services to manage any file load and any volume of email traffic seamlessly, so handling peaks is an easy task.

In addition, using the O365 infrastructure, BitDam can pull a malicious email at any time from the user’s inbox, and we can indicate if the email has been read by the user or not.
Beyond deployment, changing the MX record has additional service implications.
When changing the MX record so that your SEG will receive all the emails before O365 can harm your organisation’s security, by causing traffic to bypass O365 filters and associated security filters.The MTA-based solution (eg. Proofpoint) routes all emails to O365, and recognises the sender as an approved Proofpoint, and thus can’t detect spoofing by black-listing the server.