Technical Notes

Learn how to effectively protect your business against advanced content-borne attacks.

The Cyber Attack Glossary

CVE – Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) is a reference identifier for publicly known vulnerabilities. CVEs are unique and identify a specific vulnerability. They are assigned by CNAs whereas the primary CNA is ‘Mitre Corporation’. Additional read: Attack analysis of the CVE 2018-15982 exploit Attack analysis of the CVE 2017-8570 exploit Emotet – A polymorphic […]

Office365 Integration

Office365 is one of the most popular enterprise cloud-based email services. BitDam has created a dedicated solution for Office365. Our simple, seamless deployment process requires no changes to the MX record. The BitDam Cloud permissions are easily managed through the Microsoft Application Source, protecting your organisation in just a few clicks. BitDam is not inline, […]

BitDam Deep Application Learning

BitDam Deep Application Learning BitDam deep application learning utilizes a proprietary set of static, dynamic and crowd sourced analytics to create multi-dimensional understanding of legitimate application code flows:   BitDam Static Application Analysis. BitDam Static Application Analysis maps application structure forming a base skeleton for the application’s knowledge base, including a list of application modules […]

BitDam Seamless Deployment: Easy & Fast

Deploying an email content security solution is complex and may lead to email outages and traffic delays. Changing the MX record can be complicated if there are multiple domains in the organisation and even for a single domain, it takes times until changes are propagated, causing temporary fluctuations in email service levels (SLAs), as emails […]

Universities: Foolproof Advanced Cyber Security For All Student Mailboxes.

Universities are highly susceptible to content-borne cyber attacks as user accounts are constantly being added and removed and very often students prefer to maintain their personal email accounts, auto-forwarding from their university accounts to them. Private email accounts are typically less secure and attackers take advantage of this vulnerability to easily penetrate university networks. Also, […]

Real Estate: Making Real Estate Email Attachments Safe to Click.

Real estate agencies use email to communicate with potential buyers, exchange property information and contracts. Typically most of these emails contain attachments, including original documents and pdf’s. As real estate agencies receive large volumes of emails with attachments from outside the organization, they are highly vulnerable to content-borne attacks. BitDam proactive content security delivers the […]